Thursday, January 05, 2006

those still stuck in the constructed image of reality dished out to you, its time to Wake Up!

Its time for us, those fighting against the current order in all our stripes, to realize that the situation we face is not just going to change, but it already has. While i am sure many already know this, the question is in what way do you know it, and how do we incorporate the understanding of this new context into our day to day activities. How do we survive, thrive, and keep on fighting. so what is the new context i am reffering to exactly? that across the western world; across Europe and North America, and most definately, in The US, overt Fascism is becoming the Mode Operendi of the State. Of course, this is not new. It has been growing for many years now, slowly and behind the curtain. however, at least in the United States where i have a front row seat, it has now reached the tipping point where the image of the normality, of supposed "democracy" and "freedom" that is forcibly plastered on the surface of this modern hell, has ripped open as the fascism underneith it has now grown to big to hide. Bush has now stated, and acted upon, that he not only can bypass any law, but that he is the law. "the basic civics lession that there is three co-equel branches of government that provide checks and balances on each other is being fundamentally rejected [by this regime]" and "...congress is impotent" the current news is saying (there has never been a real "democracy" or any such rubbish but this indicates a move to overt fascism). A new law passed in Ohio will allow police to detain anyone in any public space without being charged with anything. Revised version of the Patriot Act establises Secret Police. All public transpotation systems will now have armed gustapo patrolling them all the time. Video cameras monitoring your every move are now ubiqutous. New cars are being made with GPS tracking devices built in. All communications are being monitored. The federal government says they can and should detain anyone anytime without charging them with a crime. It has been common knowlege for some time here in the US that Television, newspaper, and radio media has been bought and paid for, i.e. no free press here. This too however is not new, but what is new is the growth of directly connected Government propaganda being sold as news. the outlets of speach have been falling one by one as we, here on the internet, become the only place where speech exists. It seems that their strategy here is to allow this "free speach" but to isolate this until it is the only place where it exists, so that we would be too busy talking to each other to notice as they pop off free spaces one by one, until we are isolated. I AM NOT trying to give the usual conspiracy theory-ist crap fear mongering message of "be afraid, there is no escape!" because that achieves nothing and is just plain wrong. having said that, this government is fascist, so lets start treating it as such. there is no democracy, you get arrested there will be no fair trial, for it is just a play. They are mademen in a corner, for they know that civilization is coming to a close. Just like a cornered wolf. Lets use the little power we have left and take more or it back whenever, and wherever we can.


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Blogger Cody Umland said...

Yes, they're tighting up on their facade like the Communists and Fascists but not yet quite as much, but their masquerade has never been quite as concentrated nor as weak for that matter in terms of power not trickery. Yes, they've always spied on us, lied to us and kept secrets from us, and the media is and always has been practically theirs, meaning both the government's and the wealthy, powerful, rich capitalists whom both the state and the Media serve.

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