Monday, January 02, 2006

Anarchist group NMLA may be linked to Atlantic station arson

Atlanta, GA.-
A man who formed a one person Anarchist organization that aimed to "free the opressed minority population of Atlanta" may be behind a fire that destroyed two condo buildings at midtown's Atlantic Station last summer, the FBI was quoted as saying. the FBI's main suspect is one Steven Clark. During the investigation, the FBI cited that they believe he had "indicated interest" in robbing banks to fund the activities of the Neo-Millenium Liberation Army. Clark, 40, fatally shot himself on Nov. 9th when government agents surrounded the hotel where he was staying. the FBI suspects others were involved. the fire broke out shortly before dawn on July 24th. 322 condos where destroyed. a few hours later a seconf blaze on the top of the nearby Art Foundry was started and 80 units where destroyed. the heat was so intense, that 20 parked cars nearby were destroyed, no one was injured. Damage estamits topped $5 million. The "authorities" say they are not sure if however, NMLA exists at all.


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