Thursday, January 12, 2006

orissa Tribes Demand alnd back, riot.

Rourkela,JANUARY 10th: Armed tribals took to the streets of this steel city, setting trucks and dumpers on fire. they demands the return of stolen land that the steel company took from them 50 years ago. Carrying bows, arrows, and axes, tribals fanned out across the city in the early hours of the morning setting may cars on fire and stopping traffic.


Blogger banbasi said...

Not only Orissa tribals but every Oriya with his head intact is demanding land taken away by Govt in the name of industrialisation and development... For instance, in Puri the crowning glory of Orissa, the fisherman who are oldest inhabitants of the region have been sequeezed to namely two tiny colonies while the Govt clears more and more area for the HOTELS. If development/tourism/revenue was the motive then why not help the fishermen put up their own services, even hotels, give them more priority than outsiders, at least build toilets for them so they dont have to crap on the beach at early morning just when tourists are lining up to see the fabled sunrise of Puri. To get back where I started from, tribals, dalits,indigenous communities have always been meted out with step motherly treatment... the Kalinga Nagar tragedy is yet another mishappening in a series of Govt sponsored terror against the marginalised.

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