Monday, December 19, 2005

my feral vision towards a post-collapse Anarchy

civilization has been collapsing for some years now, and this is clearly visible here in north america. we still live in a industrial civilization, as it seems people in this country have forgotten. although that is not without a reason, as it has baisically died in this country. you can see it in the empty factories and warehouses slowly being reclaimed by plants and animals as they crumble back into sand. but in this country, where (as i have been told by my friends from other parts of the world) there is so much space, there is also much opertunitity. civilization is decaying from the inside out. it starts in the imaginations of people, where, one by one, its core memes start to look less and less apealing, as the outward manifestations of them become more and more grotesque. and this spreads until you can see it in the prison cell of everyday life. any wonder then that the specticle of popular culture, or the popular culture of specilce, now so glorifies how new and advanced everything is. why reinforce such concepts if they are such an actual quality of this modern life? unless maybe the story outside my window is looking less and less like their image of it. civilization is not evenly spread out upon the land, but it is just more concentrated in some places more than others. this means that its decay pysically starts at the margins, where it is least invested. if only we could remember the oh-so-apt adage in reference to conflict (and in this case also survival/happiness/escape) of to be where they are not. in reference to civilization(and specifically its chains and watchful eyes) this seems so obvious. many lament the problem of space and how it is dominated by capital, but when profit dries up, when its use-value is gone, it is discarded, this is just as true for land. this has been most definately exploited by the squatter movement, but they have so far focused for the most part on buildings in cities which still may contain profit for capital or some use, even if it is just demolition to maintain the illusion of the absense of decay. for this reason it is not being where they are not, but being where they are! this is obvious. so the problem that i hear from so mayny people and i echoed once is finding space to live outside of the confines of law and capital that inhibit our creation of anarchies. so lets find shelter and be the weeds that sprout in the cracks of civilization, cracks which are much bigger than you think. i like the idea of semi-sedentary scavenger, hunter/forager, and hortiulural squatter communities(tribes).

so now to the main point of this article, there is literally thousands of former agricultural or mining towns and industrial zones in this country that are either completely or near completely abandoned by humans. places that are no longer of use to civilization, but are of use to us. no oppertunity for their expansion means opportunity for ours!


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