Saturday, December 17, 2005

What we're about here at the BGB blog

here we are, standing on the precipise of the collapse of civilization, and the project of creating a living, breathing, primal anarchy in the ruins of civilization is now a matter of life and death. think i am being alarmist? apocoliptic? maybe, but it is warrented. don't take my my word at face falue though, use your brain and look at humanities present situation, and look inside yourself, what do you see there, and outside too? humanity is ill(in a manner of speaking) and our illness has made our collective and individual action pathological and destrucive. given that we here in the United (police) State of America, now live in a overtly fascist state, how long will we have to be able to talk like this on the internet? how much longer will there even be an internet? my opinion is that not long iether way, so lets get with the sharing of vital information while we can!

so, that being said, i'll tell yall what this blogs perpose is and more specifically what i hope to share here. i want to post as-frequent-as-possible updates on the spreading social insurrection around the world as it happens. i am also going to try to include practical rewilding/DIY info as i do it/come across it. also i am going to include regualarly updated documentation of the prosses of civilizational collpapse(yes it is happening right now!) in the cultural/pollitical/economic spheres. i would also like to include my own, and others, theoretical developmental writings on anarcho-primitivism/green anarchy/anti-civ theory. i might include other things that are completely random too.


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