Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Log-off the (dis)connected life. Smash the Internet!

What does a totalitarian culture look like? Bland, homogenous. But I think it is most of all experienced as a silence. Mass culture’s silent spring, the invisibility of the voices and manifestations of any storyline that does not fit into the plot of The Mass Culture. It is a absence that gnaws at the pit of the soul. The modern Nation-State’s mechanism for keeping “unity,” for keeping the mass a mass is through the propagation and maintenance of a Mass Culture. How do I know this? I am immersed in such a culture everyday (that is except the ones during which I’ve retreated to the forest) against my will. This mass culture, this American (which is apparently very much an –ism) culture, is an especially totalitarian one. It is a condition ruled by fear; a dictatorship of a single social ideal. “you’ve got to succeed”, own a home, a car, keep up to date, etc. it is the same message that has been shoved down so many throats since after world war 2, the difference being they’ve refined the message and gotten better at getting it into your head without being too obvious. “the fascists didn’t loose world war 2 they just switched sides.” A dictatorship enforced by the might of the technologies of mass media and their helmsmen. All in the service of a never named aloud social engineering program, a distinctly American fascism. You of course already knew this, and have heard it before, but do you, or we, really know it? It is not a new process but has gone into overdrive recently as the clock winds down. For example: have you noticed that all the media, even now on the web too to some extent, cover the same stories whose overall message is the same, as if representing a orchestrated play. Have you noticed how the government is so very particular about when certain events and information are to start and end, and of when information is released? Modern society is the product of a conscious effort for more than 100 years, and continues to be so. This country pioneered this, and continues to do so. Have you noticed that as this countries fascist developments become more and more egregious the broadcasting of this fact has become more and more meek. I think many of us understand this intellectually but have yet to come to terms with its reality. The internet will soon not be a place for communication of any dissenting opinions, especially anti-civilization ones. I think it is high time we stop using it as our primary way of communicating with each other and organizing things. If we put all our creative and expressive energy into the internet system than we become reliant upon it and thus if it goes down so do we. Not to mention that the internet allows a unprecedented amount of power to those in control to monitor, track, and be in control of what we and other rebels are doing and saying. How many times must it be said that technology is not neutral? That the medium IS the message!? So without further ado, let us make zines not websites, support GA/AP magazines in their print form not their online one. Post our messages on the walls of buildings rather than on message boards. Smash the internet! Life is elsewhere!!

PS: B&G Bulletin also makes zines, if you want some just e-mail at primalwarnow@riseup.net


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said make zines not website, so, why do you have a website and email?

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly have passion. I think you have a lot of good points, and I think your anger and fear will keep you from reaching people. There is a place for strong action, and there is a place to realize we are ALL stuck in this horrible culture. There are millions of people who live zombie like lives in suburbia, and they just don't know there is another way to live. We can't reach them if we are busy blaming them, do you actually think in your heart that these people really want to live that way? The question I ask is how do we inspire others to really LIVE life, break out of those boxes and live in connection with all of LIFE?

Thank you for bringing your perspective, I always enjoy reading your blog.

9:55 PM  
Blogger wildandfreehumyn said...

anonymous states "You said make zines not website, so, why do you have a website and email?"

That is the point.

Doesn't it seem obvious that civilization is SO prevalent in each of us that if you criticize it (or any of it's manifestations...like the internet) people come out of the woodwork to question the criticizer's purity?

So, I hear you saying that there can be no criticism of civilization until we are all free from it and pure?

That is a ludicrous message and one that recreates/strengthens the stranglehold civilization has on us.

6:41 AM  
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